Langboard OSB


Langboard OSB

On the Cutting Edge

Wood has always been one of man’s essential materials. And today, science has allowed us to engineer a wood panel that delivers exceptional performance. It is oriented strand board (OSB) – providing uniformity, strength, and versatility that could change the way you look at structural panels forever.

An Efficient, Effective Panel

Langboard’s uniformity makes it ideal for a variety of uses. With no core voids, knotholes, or delamination problems, you can use Langboard with confidence. Panels are designed and engineered for numerous industrial applications including:

Furniture • Racks • Packaging/Crating • Pallets • Displays • Bins and Tanks • Shelving • Overlaid Core • Construction Barriers

Langboard Spans the Test of Time

Span ratings are equivalent on a equal thickness to construction plywood. Unlike plywood, Langboard structural panels are manufactured in sizes to meet most application needs. Panels can also be custom cut for specialized industrial applications.

There’s a Panel To Meet Your Need

Thicknesses range from 3/8” to 23/32”. Common thicknesses are 3/8”, 7/16”, 15/32”, 1/2”, 19/32”, 5/8” and 23/32”. Panels 19/32” and thicker are manufactured either square-edged or tongue and groove.

Langboard – The Industrial Solution

Since Langboard is engineered to perform, it is adaptable to your specific industrial application. OSB is the logical choice for:

Strength • Stiffness • Thermal and Acoustical Properties • Impact Resistance • Workability



Lock In Energy Savings & Lock Out High Energy Costs

Energy costs continue to rise with homeowners and developers requesting that builders use energy efficient products. EnergyLock from Langboard is a value added product where every one is a winner. You increase your profits and the customer saves big bucks on heating and cooling bills.

• EnergyLock prevents up to 97% of the sun’s heat from entering the attic, reducing the attic temperature


EnergyLock: The High Heat Barrier

EnergyLock is a radiant barrier installed in buildings to reduce summer heat gain and winter heat loss. Tests have shown that radiant barriers reflect 97% of radiant heat. Extensive testing by the US Department of Energy, The Florida Solar Energy Center, Tennessee Valley Authority, and The University of Mississippi confirm that radiant barriers provide significant resistance to heat transfer.

• EnergyLock heat barrier sheathing installs just like regular roof sheathing with the foil side facing the attic



Available in 7/16”, 15/32”, 1/2", 5/8” OSB (other sizes available upon request).

Meets ASTMC 1313-97 standards for Sheet Radiant Barriers.

• EnergyLock reduces the run time of air conditioning units and allows the units to operate more efficiently

Industrial Panels


Langboard Industrial Panels

Langboard manufactures Industrial Grade products to meet your specific industrial needs. We were the first OSB manufacturer in the extreme southeast United States. We have recently added a new production line and press that allows us tremendous flexibility in producing specialty products.


Langboard Furniture Panels

Langboard OSB produces a wide range of panels for the furniture industry. Products are specifically engineered to meet the diverse needs of manufactures.

Product thicknesses range from 15/32" to 23/32".


Meets CARB 2 Standard Structural Panels - OSB

Structural panels such as OSB using phenol formaldehyde resins do not require certification for formaldehyde emissions. Phenolic-based adhesives are specifically exempted in Section II.C.3 of HUD Rule 24 CFR 3280 (of the August 9, 1984 Federal Register), which states that HUD “has decided to exempt products that are formulated exclusively with phenol formaldehyde resins and surface finishes from the testing and certification provision of the rule.” The amount of formaldehyde emitted from panels using phenolic-based adhesives is considered too small to be significant and has therefore been exempted.